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xxxxx cpu model:: 10:25 (cpu_model#1)

Edison's Black Maria model as part of

download PDF to cut and build: http://1010.co.uk/cpu_model_rev05.pdf

by Kathrin Guenter

please feel free to submit improvements.
blender model also available thanks to ub:

of note for promiscuOS:: (2006.11.28:1 promiscuOS_notes#2 tech_notes#312 research#111)

SBUML is an extension to User-mode Linux(UML) that can save complete Linux runtime states in mid-execution(including all hard disks, devices, processes, and kernel space). The same state can be restored at a later time on the same PC, or migrated to another PC. The states can be delta compressed to a few megabytes or less, making it practical to download running Linux machines from websites.