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xxxxx_at interface and society in oslo, norway november 10-11 2006

atelier nord



Life coding over live coding. Hardware and software construct active and highly audible circuits open to visible re-configuration. Dramatic CPU and software acts are rendered brutally evident within constructivist, process performance; an open laboratory. The symphonic rise of the attempt to piece together fugal systematics is played out against the sheer noise of collapse and machine crash within a deserted borderland of control.

instruction sets [conference abstract]:



We enter and exit a black box (quite literally a packaged chip, live circuits hidden beneath an exterior) at points of interface, within a view of creative computing which is far removed from the desktop, that which typically is termed as interface. The interface in all senses is that which is dictated and trusted (with crash exposing the flip-side of this social agreement). Such dictation, abstraction as propaganda, is concerned with belief; the belief that a data sheet, denuded and unauthored pure description, correctly and sufficiently exposes the abstracted hardware, or belief that an API (Application Programming Interface) offers complete or even correct advice for its own operations. In very real terms there is an economic concern with that which is made public or retained as a private internal functioning; information which we (the life coder) do not NEED to know, and which could prejudice the very operation of the black box function interior, the Schwarzgerät. From the world as such an interface we can move to a crash-based revelation of a twinned CPU (central processing unit). On the one hand, there is the System or entropic operation of a necessarily cynical machine for living, standing against the specification of an artistic CPU for life coding. The data sheet will be examined as to its operational codes.