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for emacswiki noted below (2006.12.01:1)

should have fixed 2] rss and 3] front page links

for current planner/emacs-wiki setup: 19:55 (2006.11.30:2 tech_notes#314 emacswiki_plannermode#9)


what is already in planner/emacs-wiki to make such grouping possible?

(add-to-list 'remember-planner-append-hook 'planner-rss-add-note t)

called in: remember-planner-append (&optional page) within remember/remember-planner.el

doesn't work. we need to know what exactly is a note.


see ~/elisp/snuff.el:

(emacs-wiki-published-name (planner-note-page info))

and called in remember-planner-append as a hook

but what if published to multiple pages.


(have a look at the old code we wrote)

simple version control

rcsintro - introduction to RCS commands


The Revision Control System (RCS) manages multiple revisions of files. RCS automates the storing, retrieval, logging, identification, and merging of revisions. RCS is useful for text that is revised frequently, for example programs, documentation, graphics, papers, and form letters.

The basic user interface is extremely simple. The novice only needs to learn two commands: ci(1) and co(1). ci, short for `check in', deposits the contents of a file into an archival file called an RCS file. An RCS file contains all revisions of a particular file. co, short for `check out', retrieves revisions from an RCS file.

RCS as created directory under project sub-directory

rcsmerge is used in our xxxxx_publication version control text:

rcsmerge  -p  -A -r1.1  -r1.6  alice > version_control

how this could be integrated with emacs-wiki/planner for automatic generation of merge files

after M-x emacs-wiki-change-project to feet

(or use C-c C-v to change wiki projects )

and custom header for this as :

 (setq emacs-wiki-projects
       '(("feet" .
          ((emacs-wiki-directories . ("~/proj/wiki/webpage"))
           (emacs-wiki-project-server-prefix . "../wiki/")
(emacs-wiki-publishing-header . "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"<lisp>
;;and so on

then use M-x emacs-wiki-find-file to make the pages!!!




and should further investigate the use of the inline lisp tag

working on multiple projects in emacswiki: 17:41 (2006.05.09:3)

 (setq emacs-wiki-projects
       '(("feet" .
          ((emacs-wiki-directories . ("~/proj/wiki/webpage"))
           (emacs-wiki-project-server-prefix . "../wiki/")
            . "~/feet")))
         ("ProjectsWiki" .
          ((emacs-wiki-directories . ("~/proj/wiki/projects"))
           (emacs-wiki-project-server-prefix . "../projects/")
            . "~/personal-site/site/projects")))))

in emacs-wiki.el

[test this goes where it should]

test again 17:05 (2006.05.09:3)

don't use the setq below

testing multiple planner dirs with: (setq planner-directory "/root/feet") 17:04 (2006.05.09:2)

added headers to emacs-wiki-publish.el 15:15 (2005.12.31:1)

doesn't seem to work ... yet .... now it does (restarted emacs)

complete remem buffer to kill ring code: 16:52 (2005.12.29:1)

1) borrowed much from: http://www.jl42.de/linux/boxquote.el

(defun remem-to-kill ()
  (with-current-buffer "*remem-display*"
      (kill-ring-save (point-min) (point-max))))

(defun splice-buffer ()
    (setf (point) (point-min))
    (insert "\n<example>\n")
        (setf (point) (point-max))
	(insert "\n</example>")))

(defun remem-yank ()
  (let ((target (current-buffer)))
      (let ((source (current-buffer)))
        (with-current-buffer target
          (insert-buffer source))))))

(defun remem-append ()
  "remem-display buffer is appended to buffer with correct example tags"
    (goto-char (point-max))

example appended

2) planner-calendar-diary integration

from looking at planner-diary.el

M-x planner-diary-insert-diary - if we are on day page puts diary entry at top of page for day as we can see

planner-calendar-goto - takes us in calendar buffer to planner page entry for day

planner-calendar-show - ???? doesn't seem show entry


1  +  newlife      Server-Command-Refer                    Server-Comman buffer, complete, target, source, code             
2  +  newlife      debug.lisp                              debug.lisp    buffer, appended, complete, correct, code          
3  +  ring.jl                                                            ring.jl                                            
4  +  newlife      MPEGring.h                              MPEGring.h    buffer, ring, code                                 
5     newlife      rtsp_resp.c                             rtsp_resp.c   buffer, correct, complete, appended, code          
6     newlife      graphics.lsp                            graphics.lsp  buffer, appended, complete                         
7  +  root         w3.txi                                  w3.txi        buffer, kill, source, ring, tags                   
8  +  root         w3.info                                 w3.info       buffer, kill, source, ring, tags                   
9  +               kotl-mode.el                            kotl-mode.el  buffer, kill, ring, appended, correct              
10 +  root         comint.el                               comint.el     buffer, ring, kill, complete, code                 
11 +  root         comint.el                               comint.el     buffer, ring, kill, complete, code                 
12 +               hyperbole.info-3                        hyperbole.inf buffer, ring, kill, appended, code                 

now using planner dates for tech notes section 15:27 (2005.12.28:3)

all is backward below but from here in right order and may re-order

use plain old M-x remember to update page

Fri Nov 4 23:04:13 2005

1) emacswikimode and planner use

to insert

along with: sitecopy -u site

with .sitecopyrc and .sitecopy dir in place

Mon Nov 28 15:51:01 2005

1) now new function bound to C-x a to do publish and sitecopy in one:

from .emacs:

(global-set-key "\C-xa" 'upload-all)

(defun upload-all ()
  (shell-command "/usr/bin/sitecopy -u site"))

2) some confusion with planner mode and wiki as if do publish NOT from existing plan page in some instances messes up index - need to make all new pages via M-x remember and M-x remember-buffer and then publish from established page

3) playing with remembrance agent - need some better way to integrate suggestions with planner.el so that suggested texts are also published and linked to


C-c r t (Control-c r t): Toggle Remem Toggle the remembrance agent on and off. You can also do this by

evaluating the function (remem-toggle).

C-c r v (Control-c r v): View Updates the suggestion list by running queries in all scopes now.

Bypasses the timer.

C-c r # (Control-c r number): Show Suggestion Bring up the full text of a suggested document. If you set remem-load-original-suggestion to t (the default), then the full file is loaded. Otherwise a copy is displayed. If your files are big and contain lots of documents (e.g. large mail archives), or if you don't

want the buffers lying around then you might want to set this to nil.

C-c r f (Control-c r f): Field Search Perform a search on a particular field (Body, Location, Date, Subject, or


C-c r q (Control-c r q): Query Bring up a query buffer to do a manual search. This allows you to fill in several fields. When the data is entered, hit C-c r v to view the


C-c r d (Control-c r d): Database change Prompt for a new database, from the indexes in remem-database-dir. If more than one scope is active, it will prompt for which scope to replace as well. Remem will restart with the new database(s) at the original


4) at same time need sub-project wiki pages to play with remem and the like and also to port over fm01

also looking at muse mode which replaces deprecated emacswikimode that planner sits on and port of planner to muse mode

Tue Nov 29 12:35:01 2005

1) M-x planner-annotation-as-kill:

if in say xxxxx planner/emacswiki buffer then this will copy hyperlink to that page for subsequent paste of kill ring with C-y (yank)



j) test for htmlfontify so code has syntax highlighting using:


;; Factorial function
(defun factorial (n)
  "Compute n!"
  (if (eql n 0) 1 (* n (factorial (1- n)))))
yet had to modify code in one function as complained end-marker was void

(defun sd-emacs-wiki-fontlock-tag (beg end attrs highlight-p)
 (if highlight-p
      (goto-char end)
   (let ((end-marker (set-marker (make-marker) (1+ end)))))
        (narrow-to-region beg end)
        (let* ((mode (cdr (assoc "mode" attrs)))
               (start (progn (forward-line) (point)))
               (stop (progn (goto-char end) (beginning-of-line) (point)))
               (text (buffer-substring-no-properties start stop))
               (buffer (current-buffer)))
          (delete-region beg end)
            (insert text)
            (when (and mode (and (stringp mode) (functionp (intern mode))))
              (funcall (intern mode))
            (sd-htmlfontify-insert-region buffer (point-min) (point-max)))
          (goto-char (point-min))
          (insert "<pre class=\"fontlock\">\n")
          (goto-char (point-max))
          (insert "</pre>\n")
          (add-text-properties (point-min) (point-max)
                               '(rear-nonsticky (read-only) read-only t))))
      (goto-char end))) ;; rather than end marker here