[the] xxxxx [reader]

Available now. Published September 2006 in association with mute. 476 pages. ISBN: 0955066441

[the] xxxxx [reader] proposes a radical space for code-driven art, science and technology investigations.

[the] xxxxx [reader] is a comprehensive anthology of world and life re-coding strategies, collecting background text, Lisp and Perl program listings, and screenshots.

With contributions from: Hal Abelson, Erich Berger, Shu Lea Cheang, Florian Cramer, Yves Degoyon, Leif Elggren, Simon Ford, Olga Goriunova, Paul Graham, Graham Harwood, Stewart Home, Martin Howse, Jonathan Kemp, Friedrich Kittler, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, Aymeric Mansoux, Bruno Marchal, Armin Medosch, Anthony Moore, Peter Norvig, Jeff Prideaux, Thomas de Quincey, Otto Roessler, socialfiction.org, Gerald J. Sussman, Julie Sussman, Oswald Wiener

Frieze magazine (January 2007) review by Maria Fusco:

Maria Fusco and Jonathan Derbyshire look back over the best art and literature books of 2006

How many of us find, at one time or another, that words are a poor currency for our thoughts? Is language so transparent that we can see straight through it, or so solid that we need a bolt-cutter to excise specific meaning? xxxxx, compiled and edited by Berlin collective xxxxx, traverses such cracks and gaps in comprehension while playing with Thomas Carlyle's cry of the 'Strange Power of Reality.' Declaiming itself as a 'radical new space for artistic exploration', this compendium presents an intriguing selection of writings about writing, editing and 'software subjugation', including work by Yves Degoyon, Olga Goriunova, Stewart Home and socialfiction.org. The result is often obscure, sometimes enlightening, always absorbing. The range of voices (notably, somewhat disappointingly, predominantly male) alone ensures that we, as readers, are kept alert by subtle/brazen shifts in tone and timbre, which together contribute to a persuasive feeling of now. You cannot escape this book, even though often you may not understand it.


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first chapter: Endonomadology. Otto Roessler [pdf]

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