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application, environment and interpreter. 15:53 (2006.08.18:1 research#57 tech_notes#237)

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We work at the commandline making use of small custom-coded applications. The application is entered and prompts for user input, where necessary, supplying further information and prompts - an interactive application (similar to REPL of a Lisp - a model behaviour). The editor (GNU Emacs) presents an extendible code-face environment whilst at the same time wrapping this with a system of questions and prompts (interrogative). At the same time we can run a Lisp (by way of SLIME also) within Emacs - we can evaluate expressions, define functions, execute code and connect to processes, yet within the prompt model and on the surface of an expression - a necessarily valid expression. In contrast coding our own REPL allows us to enter a new level of prompting where we can define the nature of our own expressions; for example, solely the nesting of brackets. We are within a closed environment.