xxxxx advanced research institute 17:13 (xxxxx_research_institute#1)

Advanced research institute attacking the artificial division between software and hardware promoted by a sensor(y) hungry so-called new media scene concerned with a spectacle totally allied with the concerns of brutal industry and economy yet at the same time failing to exploit for conceptual detournement and expanded software (ie. hardware) the low cost by-products of such an industry for example microcontrollers.

research iniatives:

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A system of notation (software) mapping levels of action, quotation 17:05 (research#5)

and description (Salo is such a case - in being filmed, in the act of filming a prescribed script - of expanded software). - relation and marking as itself also within Salo - systematics and enacted diagram overlap here is short circuit of the pseudo-scientific rationalism of de Sade and pornographic intent itself. Such a diagram/system of description can be extrapolated in the opposite direction as a system of creation. We can also calculate strict parallels with the embeddings of simulated worlds/enframings/literary quotation (Zeno)/the circuit diagram within Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Welt am Draht (World on a Wire), and thence to originating text Simulacron Three by Daniel Galouye referenced as an entry into the original domain of Endophysics as described by Otto Rossler.

How to produce such a mapping or system of notation - perhaps Lisp-based and making use of indentation and bracketting

and of course 'quotation within the language itself

linear time-line and nesting of action and notation itslef

the langauge of Salo description becomes active language of fm01 creation

the point at which software impacts on hardware 16:25 (research#4)

all basic CPU functionalities in a relay-driven hardware

series of recordings entitled as to (logic) components used

diode detector plugs into software

Schottkey oscillator (p195 Basic Digital Electronics) - potentiometer in NV net feedback

CPU Instruction Set As an Artistic Object and the History of Classic CPU Instruction Sets 15:26 (research#3)


design and fabrication of tiny ap0201 equivalent devices (sans solar 11:38 (tech_notes#142)