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xxxxx [17th November 2007 in Bergen, Norway] speculative 12 hour life coding event (organising hardware and software): Saturday 17th November 2007 as part of the Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway (http://piksel.no)

[Peter Halley: Incoding Rules]

data sheet: piksel_data

photolog: http://www.piksel.no/piksel07/photoblog.htm

Life coding notetaker: http://sistero.sysx.org/xxxxpiksel/notesnancy.html

Notes/img: http://sistero.sysx.org/xxxxpiksel/img.html

xxxxx_at_piksel:/2007/ was wilfully structured as a 12 hour life coding event within the context of previous xxxxx activities (Crash 2005, xxxxx 2006), and influenced by Plenum (collaboration with KOP, 2006).

Life coding:

Life coding is a mapping of the descriptive means of hardware and programming onto the world. In this instance it includes the invention and construction of models and language to actively describe and code the event; instructing, structuring, re-structuring and constructing the 12 hours. Life coding is obviously influenced by the existence of programming, fiction, scripting and execution.

xxxxx list for life coding: https://www.bek.no/mailman/listinfo/xxxxx

The shifts:

Open Hardware (12-4PM):

1) Jessica Rylan:

Audio representation of chaos

An open workshop with Noise//sound artist Jessica Rylan working on circuit boards to elaborate a slowed down audio representation of chaos. The shift will explore the difference between chaotic and random systems.




2) Ludic Society:


Mehr Licht to Dark City.


In a certain time-slot TAZ (Hakim Bey), a live coded and live played street concert "enlightens" some streets of Piksel Bergen by revealing its invisible architecture. Transformed into LIGHT and DARK "Blitzing" sounds. Those are emitted by blinking Game-Console screens and circuit-bent electronic Little Trees. Players carry small sound-amplifiers on their belts. A firmware flashed Nintendo DS is running in stealth mode by constantly sensing the playground and its hooked up "Little Tree" serves as electromagnetic sniffer alliance. The Wunderbaeumchen or Little Tree starts to LIGHT_UP with ultra-bright fired LEDs when held over RFID TAGs which are spread throughout the city. Based on Cabala sequences RFID-Numbers generate SOUND on the DS Light. The numbers and sounds are transferred to the new Openlayer overlay Online Map of RFID-Judgement-day.com play - performed as Black and White Satellite map. Clip on stage and street!

Blitz-light play-gadgets consist of a flashed NintendoDS connected to a self etched electronic Littletree. This combinatory machine becomes a War driving access-scan tool to define play clouds in an aerea and an absurd circuit board which is used to read RFID tags found.



Interface: (4-8PM):

3) Yunchul Kim, Roman Kirchner, Olaf Val:

From hardware and chaos elaborations to interface exploration, Roman Kirschner, Yunchul Kim and Olaf Val attempt to shift the world interface to include magic. Potential side effects include volcanic eruptions, according to local EM presence. Bring a gold coin



4) Otto Roessler:

World as interface

Otto Roessler reveals the power and cruelty of the rationalist project as first invoked within a dream of Rene Descartes. Through elaboration of endophysics, a science of interiority, the world as interface is implemented within potential practical, scientific and artistic experiment.

OHP slides: http://bekstation.bek.no/piksel/piksel07/roessler.pdf



Code: (8-12PM):

5) Tatiana Bazzichelli, Paolo Cirio, Shu Lea Cheang, Stewart Home:

Working group for an elaboration of pornographic code

Mapping out an advanced circle of manias, the pornographic code working group examines active strategies, device fetishes within the becoming-code of pornography.



6) Final compilation and execution (all).

Final execution: A compilation with all participants and audience in the tradition of the appalling Summer Stock (1950 with Gene Kelly and Judy Garland). The total apparatus, constructed and assembled during the previous ten hours, will be rendered executable and thus active.

The life coders:

Nancy Mauro-Flude: notetaking and report:


Martin Howse: life code base:

http://1010.co.uk/piksel2007.org [rendered now as: http://1010.co.uk/org/piksel2007.html ]







Jonathan Kemp: LUT [Look Up tables]








Alejandra Perez Nunez and Zosen: diagrammatics:



Eva Verhoeven: LUT and questionnaires:




Bjørn Magnhildøen: remote protocol participation: dossier_faec


With many thanks to all participants/audience, and special thanks to:

Gisle Frøysland, Trond Lossius and all at BEK, Carlo Prelz, Bjørn Magnhildøen, Jessica Rylan, Roman Kirschner, Otto Roessler, Tatiana Bazzichelli , Shu Lea Cheang, Jonathan Kemp, Martin Howse, Olaf Val, Yunchul Kim, Eva Verhoeven, Margarete Jahrmann, Duncan Shingleton, Gordan Savicic, Paolo Cirio, Stewart Home, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Alejandra Perez Nunez/elpueblodechina and Zosen, Kathrin Guenter, The full streaming crew: including Lluis Gomez, Valentina Messri, Pedro Soler, Antonia Folguera, Tatiana de la O, Amanda Steggell and Ellen Røed.

Piksel festival: http://www.bek.no