xxxxx_at_Piksel:/2007/ - A fictional event in three acts

Act 2: INTERFACE WO 16:00-20:00

Scene USF, a Black-Box space in Bergen

Life Coders

(approved Writer)
Me (Alan Smithee)

At Rise Description
(In Bergen, Norway in the USF Verftet at some point in time between 4pm and 8pm. The space is a black box space, 10m by 10m with seats taking up the other half of the space. There are long tables on three sides of the space and round ones in the middle. Some people are working on the long tables, other groups are working around the round tablesand yet others are wandering around)

“What are they doing?”
“Not sure yet. That’s what we are here to decide”
"The question is, what are we doing?"

“We are writing a script"
"What for? A thriller?"
All I know is that it is for a 12 hour life coding event"
"What is life coding?"

"What are the cast doing now - the ones on the long tables?"
"I don't know, I can't see. Can you?"

"And the ones at the round tables?"

"Do you think interfaces have holes in them?"
"I don't think about it"
"Why not?"
"It is not part of my programming"
"Hold on, you are jumping an act here - we are talking about interfaces and not about software. The last act is all about software. So lets get back to interfaces, yes?Besides, it's important!"
"Are you sure it is?
"You sound so certain..."
"I AM CERTAIN ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERFACE THEORIES" [screams the playwright], "I mean we need to know if there are holes in it, and if things can come through from both sides or only one. We need to know if interfaces are shiftable, or even non existent! Bloody hell, I can't believe you don't see the importance of this discussion.
[angry silence, which seems to take for ever]
[a bit longer]
[and a little more}
"Ok, " says the narrator
"Hold on, where did the narrator come from? No menion of a narrator it in the cast"
[the narrator did not hear the remark - a perfect example of a one way interface]
"the playwriter is calm enough to continue the conversation about interfaces" the narrator continues and exits [Narrator exits the stage on the right]
"back to our conversation about interfaces. Holes or no holes? Shiftable or not shiftable? I mean what are they anyway?"


Glossary of Terms
Alan Smithee: fictional name taken by a playwright

Approved Writer: a writer who is trusted to produce a good script
At Rise Description: stage direction at the beginning of an act that describes what is on the stage at the rise of the curtain
Beat: noted pause interrupting a dialogue in order to indicate a significant shift in the scene

Blackout: stage direction at the end of an act
Bump: troublesome element in a script
Set: physical elements that are arranged to create a sense of place