xxxxx_at_Piksel:/2007/ - A fictional event in three acts

Act 3: SOFTWARE VI 20:00-24:00

Scene USF, a Black-Box space in Bergen

Life Coders

You (approved writer)

Me (Alan Smithee)

At Rise Description
(In Bergen, Norway in the USF Verftet at some point in time between 8pm and 12am. The space is a black box space, 10m by 10m with seats taking up the other half of the space. There are long tables on three sides of the space and round ones in the middle. Some people are working on the long tables, other groups are working around the round tables and yet others are wandering around)

“What are they doing?”
“Not sure yet. That’s what we are here to decide”
"The question is, what are we doing?"

“We are writing a script"
"What for? A thriller?"
All I know is that it is for a 12 hour life coding event"
"What is life coding?"

"What are the cast doing now-the ones on the round tables?"
"I don't know, I can't see. Can you, you?"

"You have a beautiful voice"
"Thanks, you two"
"Sing something for me"
"Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do
I am half crazy
All for the love of you..."

"Shut up - I've had enough of sitting here listening to you and watching this story unfold...didn't you say we are here to write the story?
"Yes, I did. What are you thinking about?"
"We should interrupt! - like add an element to re structure the story unfolding, adding another fold...something unexpected
"Ok, sounds good. So, we could...change the space around. Round tables on top of each other, chairs distributed and see how that changes the event.
"Yeah, hm, I guess thats one example...I was thinking more along the lines of...something fictional, or so."
"What would you do implement as an interrupt to the event- something that would construct and restructure it?"

Close Up on Software
"My name is Alan Smithee"
"Glad to meet you Alan Smithee. Who is your friend?"
"He is You - a playwriter. We are writing a script together"
"Will you include me in your script?"
"You are writing the script"
"I am software"
"Perfect! A script about software and coding. About hacking and language turning in on itself. About..." [playwright is rudely interrupted]
OK, ok, don't get carried away - stay focused. You, can you take over from Alan Smithee - and don't foget we are looking and the soft and code. Any problems, just have a look what is currently happening on our set. Got it?"


Glossary of Terms
Alan Smithee: fictional name taken by a playwright
Approved Writer: a writer who is trusted to produce a good script
At Rise Description: stage direction at the beginning of an act that describes what is on the stage at the rise of the curtain

Blackout: stage direction at the end of an act
Set: physical elements that are arranged to create a sense of place