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Switch/CPU execution tested using: (2007.03.19:3)


Compile with: gcc testswitch.c -o testswitch -O2

[TODO: integrate with cur-rme - collect 16 8-bit values and send to switch - only send when 16 is way to get stepping - test on t20 in hdsp backup directory with rme code uncommented]

completed exec board: (2007.02.13:1)

With crocodile clips for attachment to board to be rendered executable. Software to follow needs to perform operations as follows using 128 bit opcode:

Data (one bit to be shifted through by software) on pin 2 (0x378 - data port)

Latch is pin 14 (bit 2 on 0x37A - control port)

Clock is 1 (1st bit on 0x37A)

The last two are inverted:

#define CLOCKHI  1 // (Binary 00000001)
#define CLOCKLO  3 // (Binary 00000011)
#define LATCHHI  2 // (Binary 00000010)
#define LATCHLO  3 // (Binary 00000011)

for (x=0;x<16;x++){   
  bitpattern = bits[x];
  for (y=0;y<8;y++){
    outb(bitpattern & 1,0x378); //   out &H378,bitpattern and 1 'output rightmost bit 
    outb(CLOCKHI, 0x37a);
    outb(CLOCKLO, 0x37a);   
    bitpattern = bitpattern/2;
outb(LATCHHI, 0x037a);
outb(LATCHLO, 0x37a);

// possibly with some pauses/timing adjustments

borrowed from good old: http://computerchristmas.com/index.phtml?link=how_to&:=25

switch matrix progress3: (2007.02.12:1)

Or the executable as the circuit can well be viewed as the abstracted execution portion of a CPU with a 128 bit instruction set and unforeseen execution consequences when applied to diverse circuits:

progress2: (2007.01.17:2 tech_notes#13 equipment#2 switch#2)

switch matrix in progress: (2007.01.17:1 tech_notes#12 equipment#1 switch#1)

Computer controlled permutative switching of circuits (allows for 16 points to be connected) using 3 bits (serial data transmission) over USB or parallel port. Modular design of 2 serial/parallel boards (74HC595 shift register chips see: http://computerchristmas.com/index.phtml?link=how_to&:=25) and 4 switch boards (4016/4066 quad bilateral switches): http://www.doctronics.co.uk/4016.htm. Switching points are also exposed to CV (control voltage).