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Using goby for makeart presentation: (2007.03.20:2 emacs#31 makeart_tech_notes#3)

I put back cursor in view mode so can evaluate Emacs Lisp within the presentation:


(process to start: evaluate (autoload 'goby "goby" nil t), M-x goby, then switch to original frame and load this file)

C-;v - view


C-c;@ : Create HTML files with screen dumps

which doesn't seem to work so well

for generic usage see:


eev mode can also embed images in GNU Emacs with: (2007.03.20:1 emacs#30 makeart_tech_notes#2)

(find-eimage0 "~/Wiki/images/zuse1.png")

which, when evaluated with M-e or C-x C-e displays image in place of text:

(defun eeimage-data (fname)
    (set-buffer-multibyte nil)
    (insert-file-contents-literally fname)

(defun eeimage-set (s e fname)
  (add-text-properties s e 
      `(display (image :type ,(image-type-from-file-header fname)
		       :data ,(eeimage-data fname)))))

(defun find-eimage0 (fname &optional nlines nchars &rest ignored)
  "Display the image given by FNAME in place of the text between point and bol.
This function is meant to be used with \\[eek-eval-sexp-eol], so
by default it will change the appearance of the entire current
line. If NLINES is non-nil then work on that number of lines
instead - e.g., 5 means change this line and the four previous
ones. A non-nil value of NCHARS means to use bol+NCHARS instead
of bol."
  (eeimage-set (point)
	       (+ (or nchars 0) (point-at-bol (- 2 (or nlines 1))))
	       (ee-expand fname)))

//to note further eev and remote execution/editing

Working on a new presentation format for makeart: (2007.03.19:1)

Making use of:

1] Emacs Lisp and interface to the shell by way of:

(shell-command COMMAND &optional OUTPUT-BUFFER ERROR-BUFFER)


(start-process-shell-command NAME BUFFER COMMAND &rest COMMAND-ARGS)
2] eev mode: http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/

(eesteps '("C-x C-f ~/Plans/promiscuOS RET" "C-x C-f ~/Plans/life_coding RET" )) Execute this with the usual C-x C-e and then step through this list of actions with F12 - Also hyperlinking as documented in [[emacs]] - Use as: <fontlock mode="emacs-lisp-mode"> (eebg-channel-xterm "monk") (eechannel "monk") echo 9 ls pwd Where the first two commands are executed with F9 (if we mark first with C-x C-o I think or just execute) - first opens new xterm and second attaches Emacs link and then we use F9 to send commands

eev mode as for process control, ordering and remembering but seems a bit opaque to use.

3] Goby presentation mode: http://www.mew.org/~kazu/proj/goby/index.html.en

With Edit and View mode - from edit mode we can arrange text and ordering of pages seperated by a Ctrl-L character which is input by way of C-c;l - the prefix there used throughout eg:

C-c;v to enter view (simple keys such as q to exit mode, up and down for pages in that major mode)

In Edit mode we can use Emacs Lisp and eev... and also have formatting


Next stage is to integrate with promiscuOS and also change goby defaults usw.