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Using goby for makeart presentation: (2007.03.20:2 emacs#31 makeart_tech_notes#3)

I put back cursor in view mode so can evaluate Emacs Lisp within the presentation:


(process to start: evaluate (autoload 'goby "goby" nil t), M-x goby, then switch to original frame and load this file)

C-;v - view


C-c;@ : Create HTML files with screen dumps

which doesn't seem to work so well

for generic usage see:


eev mode can also embed images in GNU Emacs with: (2007.03.20:1 emacs#30 makeart_tech_notes#2)

(find-eimage0 "~/Wiki/images/zuse1.png")

which, when evaluated with M-e or C-x C-e displays image in place of text:

(defun eeimage-data (fname)
    (set-buffer-multibyte nil)
    (insert-file-contents-literally fname)

(defun eeimage-set (s e fname)
  (add-text-properties s e 
      `(display (image :type ,(image-type-from-file-header fname)
		       :data ,(eeimage-data fname)))))

(defun find-eimage0 (fname &optional nlines nchars &rest ignored)
  "Display the image given by FNAME in place of the text between point and bol.
This function is meant to be used with \\[eek-eval-sexp-eol], so
by default it will change the appearance of the entire current
line. If NLINES is non-nil then work on that number of lines
instead - e.g., 5 means change this line and the four previous
ones. A non-nil value of NCHARS means to use bol+NCHARS instead
of bol."
  (eeimage-set (point)
	       (+ (or nchars 0) (point-at-bol (- 2 (or nlines 1))))
	       (ee-expand fname)))

//to note further eev and remote execution/editing