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Frame Activated Inferences in a Story Understanding Program


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in parallel to:: http://fm01.memebot.com/cgi-bin/wiki.cgi?action=index

planned code experiments

1) program which writes/creates programs a la GA

a) which manipulate image cubes (micro) - pixelers

manipulation of cubes also at macro level - arrangers

classic GA - successful code (that which does not generate errors) is rewarded by adding it to pool from which code merges operat and so on -> new populations loop.

2) program which writes programs to write sentences

again a question of vocabulary for sentences and for code

a shared code/sentence vocabulary as was attempted in earlier code experiments (where?)

code as/in sentences - code which writes code which writes code

3) still in need of model that works at micro and macro levels (think of sentence construction) - that scales without interior marking of that scaling - knowledge of levels but use of generic functions across levels - such generic functions with level knowledge could be abstracted out under similarly OOP model outlined in SICP

for example streams are a chunked representation - they can be overseen so are unsuitable

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