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data radio second release __ (2006.05.16:4 tech_notes#126 data_radio#3)

singular local data radio transmissions surpasses distributed bit-waste of global internet

The data radio project proposes singular local data radio transmissions which surpass the distributed bit-waste of a global Internet. Drawing inspiration from the highly creative, pre-Internet world of early home computation when source code would regularly be transmitted in the dead of night encoded in readily transmittable audio form, data radio promises a return to the local, to the hand-coded. Hearing data, handling data as code with modest hardware and a joyful low-tech aesthetic.

Local data radio; text, images, code are transmitted using a low budget FM transmitter of moderate size. Data, as a series of ones and zeroes modulate the transmission frequency. Invisible waves can be eavesdropped by means of the cheap, mass-produced and increasingly old-fashioned transistor radio. Plugged into the soundcard of, say, a laptop such waves can be decoded into data - rendered visible by any of the means available to the modern data bender: by way of PD [Pure Data], commandline ASCII or executable. Tune in to the local data stream in the park, street or cafe. Programming and thus time returns to the local network.



cat ~/xxxxx/alice/alice_1 | ./encoder

and on receiving end radio input into linein soundcard:



some success in data transmission at 43200 samplerate, 8 bit, mono /dev/dsp3 access, 2400 baud using Linex USB transmitter.

first transmission of alice (volume on alsamixer low at white level) appended.

can be tweaked somewhat

.wav example to follow

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