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KiCad: (2007.09.24:3 pcb#14 schematics#11 tech_notes2#12)

1] Plot -> PDF route sometimes chops board - simply reposition on grid

2] Remember to mark tracks/pads which should be attached to the (GROUND) fill before filling the zone

scrying-serial-palm: (2007.09.24:2 atmegascheme#12 tech_notes2#11)

1] code and board mistakes. remember - 22 is AGND, 21 AREF by 10 nF tied to GND, and 20 aVCC

see http://tuxgraphics.org/electronics/200705/article07051.shtml

Example code:


rough atmega-palm connection notes (2007.09.24:1 atmegascheme#11 tech_notes2#10)

[primarily for debugging scrying boards]

1] Using standard ATmega8 breadboarded (runs at 8MHz with external crystal) connected to Palm Pilot by way of DIY serial level convertor (MAX3232 - white cable here to pin3 (TXD)

2] Set fuse for external oscillator using the prg_fusebit_uc shell script - option -w 0 for external crystal

3] project home is ~/projects/scryer/avrscheme

4] swop over TX and RX as null modem for Palm - achieved in home-made gender changer!