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PromiscuOS notes2: (2006.12.05:2 promiscuOS_notes#3 research#116)

1] Simple Grid Protocol (which certainly is simple) - runs on CLisp and consists of network code, querying, and eval.

/etc/services and then inetd start cpur.lisp. Tracking (server) and notify (process) maintain local list of IPs for code import/eval.

but eval doesn't give us a shared/promiscuous environment.

...for promiscuOS we need to maintain a list of local and otherwise promiscuOS'ers - exported to a central accessible list which can be downloaded regularly. zeroconf for local.

2] obvious differentiation between promiscuOS'ers and code environment of other machines/networks which equally well be probed and executed.

3] extent of VM layer if we modify kernel and strip down overlying OS

further paper circuit: (2006.12.05:1 paper#1 research#115)

embedding 40106 invertor/Schmitt trigger:

ogg vorbis recording: