Expanded from xxxxx_at_piksel release text: 17:36 (2006.09.27:1 research#86 xxxxx_at_piksel_notes#40)

After Artaud, the CPU (central processing unit) and its double mimes The Theatre and its Double. On the one hand, there is the System or entropic operation of a necessarily cynical machine for living, an atrocity exhibition, on the other hand the specification of an artistic CPU for life coding.

The CPU is the black boxed (after Edison's black mariah studio) theatre where the action takes place (also to expand further the limbs of that primal studio as our pinouts and some kind of internal sunlight, through the roof is there in the darkness - we can see all operations there; cats dancing, emotions). The script is performed and to some extent improvised (compiler and interpreter). Symbolic manipulation (implicating representation - mathematics) takes precedence; although the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) takes up a good deal of space within the contemporary theatre, the script (instruction set driven) makes little reference to these props - indeed in unconventional existent designs (such as the Lisp CPU) the ALU is completely discarded.