possible alice/looking glass software module 21:01 (tech_notes#174)

either commandline a la jekyll

or worked into cur/whatever

simply samples time-frame window (say x microseconds, y bytes) and reverses this in the stream

[xyxy]->[yxyx] for 4 bytes - and carries on with next 4 byte window

input protection diodes: 10:55 (tech_notes#173)

     |   cathode
    / \ anode
    / \ 

http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2006/08/01.html 10:36 (tech_notes#172)

40106-based oscillator output driving base of transistor 09:46 (tech_notes#171)

with common to emitter tying 1->2 of another 40106 gate

such transitor boards inc. potentiometer and resistor as for PCBs expanding box

Circuit diagrams and bodies relate to each other as the front 08:35 (research#35)

and reverse side of the same piece of paper, recto and verso, then "Not even in the worst times of night, with pencil words on your page only Delta-t from the things they stand for?"

from Pynchon and electromysticism. Frierich Kittler. (Gravity's Rainbow ref. p. 510)