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for event platform/annotation software/ and emacs-driven-wiki: (2007.08.23:1 annotation_software#11 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#13)

Code base AS platform. code and comments reparsed by further comments to provide differing views or re-processings generating actively new content. Such differing views on an active code base represent the particular application

For example: emacs wiki with active lisp functions to generate text (say, for example from the knowledge representation annotations and relatuons, from remembrance agent, from processes running on a local or remote machine, from collaborative endeavour). To extend this dynamism into a running Common Lisp web server.

Comments morph into code as a development methodology. Rendering active potentials.


;; - further integration with version control/RCS check in and check                                                                                                      
;; - out / auto-save annotation file                    
as suggestions for further work on annotation platform. Version control also for event (and version control of the script-text courier's tragedy itself within Crying of Lot 49 // all these differing editions of the Wharfinger text). See also:


At the other end of this - filesystem and resources.