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first annotation code for Gravity's Rainbow (2007.08.21:2 annotation_software#8 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#10)

(note: uses org-mode linking syntax)


annotation update (2007.08.21:1 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#9 annotation_software#7)

For GR annotations we need:

Annotation is not from original text (region), but we could have this function. From above data we retrieve and format quote, markup and link, and enter into correct place with active link to original text.

Markup needs also to refer to online links, inline images and to read and respond to Gneve-based video markup (alterations to gneve for video markup and tests for keyframes TODO). This could come from base in linkd and/or org-mode:

Org-mode (vs. planner?):

Features of interest:

[problem is conflicts with use of remember for planner as in now]


Org-mode documents can contain dynamic blocks. These are specially marked regions that are updated by some user-written function.