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echoing to serial port /dev/ttyS0 from GNU Emacs (2007.08.16:1 annotation_software#3 scrying_tech_notes#25)

is fine scrying_tech_notes but other way.

eg. using terminal on Palm Pilot as entry system for annotations

1] tried using (insert-file-contents "/dev/ttyS0") which works but only after Ctrl-G this command do the characters appear.

2] modified pilot.el and memo-pilot-el from emacs-pilot-1.4 to work with importing memos to file - change to import into annotations buffer and also to avoid repetition - test export of memos

3] Kermit script:


(but is not directly into buffer)

4] C - read one character wrapped in: (insert (shell-command-to-string COMMAND))


for annotations and also communication with ATmega/scrying board from GNU Emacs