--> ap/xxxxx


more annotation processing notes: (annotation_software#2)

for i in *; do cp $i $(echo $i | cut -d "-" -f2); done
to cut off header and leave last number and:

ls .sort -n

to list in correct (numerical) order

but how to fix so that we can conCATenate in this order?

parsing Gravity's Rainbow wiki (2007.08.15:1 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#5 annotation_software#1)

for entry into annotation system.


1] wget -mirror

2] shell script to convert to plain text:

for file in `ls *Pages*`
new=`basename $file`
cp $file ${new}.html
lynx -dump ${new}.html > ${new}.txt 

3] TODO - automatically go through directory in Emacs Lisp and enter page-numbered entries [also mark with GR-wiki tag!]