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GNU Emacs Lisp networking code for promiscuOS: (2007.02.08:4 emacs#25 promiscuOS_notes#15)

start server, start client, send regions or buffer as code for remote evaluation

;;client and server

;; server functions - receive incoming requests. eval code

(defvar prm-process nil)

(defvar prmclient-process nil)

(defvar the_buffer nil)

(defvar host nil)

(defvar port nil)

(defun prmserv-start (&optional port)
  (interactive (list (read-string "Serve requests on port: " "8080")))
  (if (null port)
      (setq port 8080)
    (if (stringp port)
        (setq port (string-to-number port))))
  (if prm-process
      (delete-process prm-process))
  (setq the_buffer (generate-new-buffer "prm"))
  (setq prm-process
	(make-network-process :name "prm"
			      :buffer the_buffer
			      :host 'local :service port
			      :server t :noquery t
			      :filter 'prm-serve)))

(defun prm-stop ()
  (when prm-process
    (message "prmisc.el server on port %d has stopped"
	     (cadr (process-contact prm-process)))
    (delete-process prm-process)
    (setq prm-process nil)))

(defun prm-serve (proc string)
  (let ((prm-process proc))
    (switch-to-buffer-other-window the_buffer)
    (print (eval (read string)) the_buffer)))

;; client functions - initiate connection, send buffer, send region, send last sexp
;; how collab editing could work ??

(defun prmclient-start (&optional port host)
  (interactive (list (read-string "Send requests on port: " "8080")))
  (if (null port)
      (setq port 8080)
    (if (stringp port)
        (setq port (string-to-number port)))
  (if prmclient-process
      (delete-process prmclient-process))
  (setq prmclient-process
	(make-network-process :name "prm_client"
			      :host host :service port))))

(defun prm-sendbufferascode()
;;  (switch-to-buffer the_buffer)
  (process-send-string "prm_client" (buffer-string)))

(defun prm-sendregionascode()
      (narrow-to-region (region-beginning) (region-end))
        (process-send-string "prm_client" (buffer-string)))))

;;(prmclient-start 8080 "")

;;(prmserv-start 8080)



make-network-process (emacs#24)


GNU Emacs Lisp networking: (emacs#23)

Referencing httpd.el in earlier iteration we don't have:

(fboundp 'open-network-stream-server) ;; M-x e gives nill
and with ref to later code (emerge htppd, require...):

(featurep 'make-network-process)
as in:

(defun httpd-start (&optional port)
  (interactive (list (read-string "Serve Web requests on port: " "8080")))
  (if (null port)
      (setq port 8080)
    (if (stringp port)
        (setq port (string-to-number port))))
  (if httpd-process
      (delete-process httpd-process))
  (setq httpd-process
        (if (fboundp 'make-network-process)
            (make-network-process :name "httpd"
                                  :buffer (generate-new-buffer "httpd")
                                  :host 'local :service port
                                  :server t :noquery t
                                  :filter 'httpd-serve)
          (and (fboundp 'open-network-stream-server)
               (open-network-stream-server "httpd"
                                           (generate-new-buffer "httpd")
                                           port nil 'httpd-serve))))
which is not in our 21.4 version... see:

http://xahlee.org/elisp/Antinews.html changelog for those downgrading to 21.4 from 22.0:

Networking has also been simplified: make-network-process and its various associated function have all been replaced with a single easy-to-use function, open-network-stream, which can't use UDP, can't act as a server, and can't set up non-blocking connections. Also, deleting a network process with delete-process won't call the sentinel.

... upgrade or use shell helper a la netcat...

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Welt am Draht subtitles released (wadsub#1)

For part one:


and part two:


with thanks to Katier