for waves: 22:20 (research#22)

Modulation and demodulation applies equally in the analogue and digital domains; indeed marking an equivalence. An antenna tied equally to software, with reference to the marketing-speak of GNURadio, and to hardware. An equivalence driven by increasing clock speeds, an increasing bandwidth with respect to frequencies which also acts as a driving force in the opposite direction; minimal clock speeds of 8 bit engines rendered visible as obscurantist trends of hardware are exposed by such a disintegrated border with the antenna, the simple detector circuit or one way wire of a detected and always present waveform picked out. The so-called digital is always a question of timing, of clock speeds, of modulation (astable multivibrator, flip-flop). Radio becomes a new reference for software.

We can envisage tiny bit-broadcast circuits at any frequency; preferably as low as the oldest digital circuitry invited into a space dominated by 50 or 60 Hz harmonics. Making that space apparent, through a question to meaning.