pf and evilwm to investigate 18:16 (tech_notes#107)

pf audio glue -> pd

need some kind of CL environment - staging for opera/promiscuOS with abstracted I/O and networked execution. PD as sound engine, glue - with or without PF?

inf-snd.el 18:07 (tech_notes#106)

snd guile as inferior lisp


Five software acts 12:33 (tech_notes#104)

Operatic - based on five PLENUM acts:

0) Prelude - as always Frankie Teardrop

1) Substance - i_am_a_neuron

2) Alice: Coded rabbit holes. Spoken word and speech synthesis
[ The script is interrogated and opened up to ridicule.
The code is full of (rabbit) holes and sample transformations.]

3) Jekyll and Hyde - Time slicing and distance

4)  H bomb simulation/audience simulation catastrophe.
[Simulation is made evident through noise and spatialization. 
The audience is in the patch/code.]

5) Pink light
[The Thames walk. A code graveyard. The repository is symbolically drained.]