plenum: one neuron maps the room 20:06 (tech_notes#46)

map of neurons. network.

attempt in few days command line nn piper and OSC piper.

/root/nn/acouphenes_v0.1.7alpha code: 18:52 (tech_notes#45)

could be used as pd external/piper for neuronal model

one neuron model in pd would be preferable

nn. pd. sc 17:10 (tech_notes#44)

acouphenes: http://www.banir.com/michael/

ann: http://pure-data.sourceforge.net/documentation.php#ann

comparser: http://kmt.hku.nl/~pieter/SOFT/CMP/doc/src.html


also Lisp AI book.

but really need simple model of neurons triggering and connectivity as itself patch/software connectivity

clarify - sendOSC commandline = sendOSC -h 9999 '/test',1234 15:35 (tech_notes#43)

for pd patch with oscdump and route

some sc considerations: triggering and event structure, examine code. 11:09 (tech_notes#42)

otherwise scheme(PLT i guess) -> OSC -> pd

eg. bonk~ or FFT in Pd _> scheme/emacs code for neural net

also to find nn pd/sc code

patches/modules still to be specified.:

message modules

trigger modules

all accepting all kinds of data

mic position/simulation patch