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avr/pwm/pd: (2008.07.14:1)

Starting pd-pwm project (for easy usb->pwm control of motors, and lights under Pure Data using a single ATmega8 microcontroller and a few parts) based on gnusb project:


Code: http://1010.co.uk/pwm-erik1.tar.gz

... modified for:

1] Low budget hardware (ATmega8) supporting 2+ PWM 8 bit channels so D+ and D- of USB port are now on PORTD.

2] Removed sleep and bootloader functionality.

3] Improved support for Pure Data (new Makefile, fixed PD code)

4] Added 6 channels of PWM support (for ATmega168 option or chained Mega8s (serial))

5] Hardware notes - above we are simply using the IRF640 FET (to pin1 through 2.2K) to control/power the bulb