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Piksel code update: (2007.11.12:2 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#22 platform#6)

1] Relevant files:


[rendered now as: http://1010.co.uk/org/piksel2007.html ]




2] piksel2007.el now handles setup [and we have org-toc setup in our http://1010.co.uk/.emacs ]

and embedding thumbnail images which can then be viewed large with: M-x image-piksel-display

3] TODO:

Published to HTML from org-mode: (2007.10.04:2 emacs#42 platform#5)

with C-c C-e h : event.html

event software as infrastructure only: (2007.10.02:1 platform#4 emacs#40 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#17)

for life coding:

1] Trinity of: frames/process/knowledge base

2] Infrastructure -

a) literal Emacs window management:

winring.el: http://barry.warsaw.us/elisp/winring.el


layoutrestore: http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/layoutrestore.el

b) media management. Our own gneve.el, shell access




c) comes under the heading of resources

d) resources display

using table of contents for org-mode:


and toggle with f character after: M-x org-toc-show

e) version control automated

see also ediff modes and:


f) towards some kind of time/diagram mode spidering out

3] Relation//display and processes

fork jonni

4] Emacs CL/Common Lisp guide to note: http://dto.freeshell.org/e/cl-guide.el

platform.lisp: (2007.10.01:2 platform#3 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#16)

http://1010.co.uk/platform.lisp // .el also updated

event software updates - code/text merge: (2007.09.28:3 platform#3 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#16)

event.eev (org-mode and makes use also of eev):

** eev itself

Commands to generate pages with lists of hyperlinks:
  M-h f   -- hyperlinks to the current file
  M-h M-i -- hyperlinks to the current Info node
  M-h M-f -- hyperlinks to an Emacs function
  M-h M-k -- hyperlinks to a key sequence and to the function
             associated to it
  M-h M-v -- hyperlinks to an Emacs variable
  M-h M-m -- hyperlinks to a manpage (ask for name)
  M-h m   -- hyperlinks to a manpage (being viewed)
  M-h M-d -- hyperlinks about a Debian package

** org-mode

we have:

cycling of headings, links, links also support search facilities,
database (tags) and keywords

** linkd ???

what does linkd add?

markup/process text regions


** subtitling in [[file:/root/experiment/gneve]]

** support for framing/annotations: see also:  [[file://root/experiment/lifecode/annotate110907.el]]

(flite also perhaps)

** some way of cycling through links in buffer - see linkd or org-mode

eg. pages as in goby - narrowing to link or code regions

[org-mode headings with ** format C-u TAB global cycle. S-tab and tab

- pages with processes/code to be rendered active (emacs <-> slime <-> shell/common lisp)

** pointers:: Processes

processes in the buffer - active, contributing (as actor's dialogue,
as agents (tied into OS) to buffer

** elisp:(find-file-other-frame "Elisp.org") An elisp form to evaluate

[[elisp:(find-node "(elisp)Processes")]]

[[elisp:(find-node "(emacs-w3m)")]]

** links main files - org-mode - C-c C-o [[]] format - RESOURCES - iimage/wdired ref also



text of above maybe to include and process here:

*** shifts


research - event-frame-process KR/ emacs lisp/media functions

event software - roll call of techniques (PD, audio in Emacs - nyquist, rec, play, shell):

sliced rec and play ??

commandline splitting with for example: play xad -f u -s b -t raw -r 8000

(using raw split -b 1024 par example)

nyquist from emacs as inferior lisp

rec -w wav file.wav and play (play also in nyquist)

gneve - video

iimage - images

emacs - comint and pd console output

pd -stderr -- send printout to standard error instead of GUI

// added to .pdrc and then comint-run pd -- this gives us output

**look again at pd, plenum, five software acts:

pd: -qlist.... but to specify exactly what we want

**Strategies/acts here:**

0) curtains drawn - remote operation

pre-compilation (macros) //assemblage

1) Protocol and domain terms

protocol performance. frames

system events and process manipulation

2) Coded rabbit holes - script and speech

3) sampling/data slicing/slow scan

slicing audio -> pd - round table of microphones

slice video -> automated gneve?

--- also this is to some extent scheduling

4) simulation/catastrophe

audience simulation (processes again). script and actions

5) pink light

Piksel - from hardware to execution by way of interface.

1) jessica - chaos

2) Ludics RFID

3) volcanic

4) otto bruno - dovetailer

5) porn coding - virus

6) execution - apparatus rendered active

what? how?

platform diagram for piksel/event coding: (2007.09.25:1 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#14 platform#1)

see: http://1010.co.uk/platform.el

elisp - - lisp (potential process link)


//buffer as resource

on which we have - view action (processes)

and link system - KR again



time slicing - split a recorded file/jekyll/other potential shell scripts

time lapse - and (VC) - record text or code file chnages (only for some kind of spider-branch rendition)

version control (VC) // version control as branching text audio on splitting timeline - potential web-based wiki-like feature-set for text

audio and video version control



code and markup

code generation - simple examples

this organisation - outline (mode) itself - // as macros/language to be marked up automatically from this page


event summary



**view/action/resources. collation/collection of resources (files/actions/views?)

//- some kind of diagram mode for this kind of thing