_____ micro research berlin 2009

_____-micro_research: an independent research centre focusing on the expanded construction and experience of free software and open hardware within a markedly interdisciplinary context.

The field of research can be described as the active examination and questioning of technology, and the investigation of the novel means of description put forward by both software and hardware. These concerns expand to cover science and art domains with an emphasis very much on investigating a radical, new discipline which both fields elaborate. Alongside free software and open hardware, concrete research topics include science as fiction, practical endophysics, the politics and ontology of electromagnetic phenomena, and the novel discipline of digital forensics.


AVR/microcontroller, FPGA coding and prototyping, general construction, recording, EM measurement, electronics production and test facilities, extensive library and video resource



Author: m <m@1010.co.uk>

Date: 2010-05-02 11:20:38 BST

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