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THE WHITE VISITATION [spectral workshop/working group]

In the framework of the exhibition "Awake Are Only The Spirits - On Ghosts And Their Media" (HMKV at PHOENIX Halle Dortmund, 16th May - 18th October 2009, Hochofenstr. / Ecke Rombergstr., Dortmund-Hoerde, Germany), the White Visitation workshop/working group took place. The following presents a short report on research findings:

original description

… a disused hospital for the mad, a few token lunatics, an enormous pack of stolen dogs, cliques of spiritualists, vaudeville entertainers, wireless technicians, CouĂ©ists, Ouspenskians, Skinnerites, lobotomy enthusiasts, Dale Carnegie zealots, all exiled by the outbreak of war from pet schemes and manias damned, had the peace prolonged itself, to differing degrees of failure. [Thomas Pynchon. Gravity's Rainbow. pp. 77]

Within the framework of the exhibition "Wach sind nur die Geister," The White Visitation projects the two day collective exploration of scryed or spectral phenomena, an investigation of non-causality and the detection of anomalies within processes of measurement and observation.

The White Visitation actively traces an interface line between contemporary technology and a certain Breakthrough, the very shattering of a notion of the real which is both haunted and provoked by modern physics and the history of communication media (telegraph, radio). The popular disciplines of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)/ EIP (Electronic Image Phenomena)/ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication), established by figures such as Konstantin Raudive, and Friedrich Jurgenson, articulate this fault line, providing for a clear examination of the relations of environment, modulation (signal, transmission), detection, measurement and interpretation within frameworks which reject notions of causality.

The two day working group, composed of both invited and selected participants will constructively explore this wide spectral context, with an emphasis on aesthetic wave transitions (electromagnetic embracing light, liminal sound phenomena), and with an approach to contemporary hauntings (haunted media, the possessed Amstrad!). Applications for participation are invited with submission of a statement of interest to m@1010.co.uk.

With the participation of: Oswald Berthold, Kathrin Guenter, Martin Howse, Martin Kuenzt a.o



You hold that time is badly warped,

That even light is bent:

I think I get the idea there,

If this is what you meant:

The mail the postman brings today,

Tomorrow will be sent.

[from "The Einstein and the Eddington" by Dr. W. H. Williams, 1924]

[based on "The Walrus and the Carpenter" by Lewis Carroll


Were not the eye a thing of sun,

How could we ever glimpse the light?

[Goethe. Theory of Colours. after Heidegger[p48] - our hearing is in itself a responding// further on transposition of the sensible/metaphor and metaphysics ]


  • Saturday 16th May 12.00-20.00:

    1] RPK (retroactive psychokinesis) experiment after Helmut Schmidt

    2] discussion and elaboration of classical EVP techniques (psychophon, ultrasound), recordings and interpretation

    3] scrying walk around HKW

    4] measurement, mapping and interpretation of magnetic field disturbances (and other anomalies) towards the set up of an evening measurement lab

  • Sunday 17th May 12.00-19.00:

    5] interpretation of measurement lab results.

    6] experimentation with spectral imaging techniques

    7] thoughtography with the use of photochemicals and photodetectors

    8] proposals for the examination of haunted media

    9] anomalous magnetic field generation

1] RPK experiment after Helmut Schmidt

see also: (web page of John Walker: http://www.fourmilab.ch/rpkp/ )

also experiments

./readrng -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -f ~/testfile -8 -q 10000

[readrng is from: http://www.cryogenius.com/hardware/rng/read_rng.c ]

import pygame, sys, time
from pygame.locals import *

file = open('/root/testfile', 'r')

size = width,height = 1024,768
speed = [2,2]
blue = 0,0,255
red = 255,0,0

screen = pygame.display.set_mode(size)

while 1:
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == pygame.QUIT: sys.exit()
    char = file.read(1)
    if not char: break
    if ord(char) > 128: screen.fill(blue) # blue screen
    else: screen.fill(red) # red screen
    #    print ord(char)

python rpk.py

Octave mode:

myfile = fopen("/root/testfile", "r");
xxx=fread(myfile, 10240, "uchar");
st = std(xxx); 
x = linspace(mu-3*st,mu+3*st,100); 
plot(x, normpdf(x,mu,st));

C-c TAB r to evaluate region

normal distribution: probabilities

2] EVP techniques discussion and experiments

50 years after Jurgenson's first experiments.

exploration of contemporary practice

light, modulation and detection. signal and carrier

techniques (audio, EM and light): psychophon, diode, interfrequenz, microphone, white noise, frequency generator, ultrasound, light (candle), plants

also use of software:


3] scrying walk

brief overview.


# for line style plot (a la plot3)
unset view map
set ticslevel 0
set surface
unset contour
unset pm3d
unset dgrid3d
set terminal png
set output "/root/dort1.png"
splot "/root/dortmund.cap" using 1:2:3 with lines

4] measurement, mapping and interpretation

of magnetic field disturbances (and other anomalies) towards the set up of an evening measurement lab

example for use of columns of data in gnuplot:

:plot "ostlog1" using 3 '%lf,%lf,%lf' with lines, "ostlog1" using 4 '%lf,%lf,%lf,%lf' with lines, "ostlog1" using 5 '%lf,%lf,%lf,%lf,%lf' with lines

5] interpretation of measurement lab results

techniques for interpretation and detection

6] experimentation with spectral imaging techniques

TV, laser->polaroid

7] thoughtography with the use of photochemicals and photodetectors

1910/11 - Fukurai: latent images in photographic emulsion

[ref: Clairvoyance and thoughography, 1931]

Dr Littlefield, Dr N. van Dorp van Vliet, George de la War: salt crystals and metallic salt solutions, EM and patterns of crystallisation (FeSO4) (ferrous sulphate)

potassium chloride,sulphate sodium chloride,sulphate

(Beyond the Spectrum p. 92+)

Miyauchi, Fukuda - use of light-sensitive silicone diodes

Nengraphy = Japanese for thoughtography

Research on Psi with Devices for Photon Detection

research results

anomalous event

An anomalous event (change in light levels and magnetic field) was detected in the [presumed] empty Phoenix Halle location at around 9.30AM on Sunday May 17th. The evening measurement lab consisted of two photo transistors and two temperature sensors (KTY), together with one FGM-3 magnetic field (fluxgate) sensor, attached by way of Arduino and scrying board to the serial ports of IBM x60 laptop for logging.

[full plot of FGM-3 survey]

[close-up of anomalous event]

[full plot of temperature and light sensor]

[close-up of anomalous event]

scrying walks

Short scrying walks were conducted on the 16th and 17th in the environs of Phoenix Halle using RSSI/GPS and scrying equipment.

Note: for orientation purposes scrying logs can be aligned with Google Earth data/visualisation using either:


or by generating a suitable kml file as follows:

1] Add the following to the top of the tabbed data file:

:latitude longitude alt

2] Using gpsbabel under the following invocation:

:gpsbabel -x transform,trk=wpt -t -i unicsv -f dortmund2.cap -o kml,lines,extrude -F test.kml

3] Test using http://maps.google.com/ and enter URL of test.kml into search bar.

4] Experiment further with visualisation

Author: m <m@1010.co.uk>

Date: 2009-12-31 15:55:14 GMT

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