OPEN CALL for RE: TALK patching





19:35 (sunset, Friday, september 6)- 06:28 (sunrise, september 7, Saturday)

Open call for all software, electrochemical, vocal, mycelial and ingestion artists/writers and amongst others in the vicinity of Linz, Austria at this certain date to create and join the durational RE:TALK patching. We seek local and specific energetic transformations, wormed executions, sniffings of entropic chemical gradients and gardens, deformations of energies, compressions, degradations, mycelial/fermented rots and word composts. All patched (in any common or im-pure data/formats), committed, diffed, branched, applied to speech and finally stashed for the morning.

Founded as an artists’ collective, Stadwerkstatt (STWST,, a striving, living cultural space prides itself as an autonomous structure since 1979, is celebrating its 40 year existence in 2019. STWST48x5, the fifth edition of STWST's annual extravaganza 48 hour showcase, held in conjunction with Ars Electronica, announces STAY UNFINISHED as its thematic approach this year. STAY UNFINISHED aims to look at the art of the past and the projects of today. It's about history and now, it's about process and transformation. It's about not being finished, not getting finished, and mostly about moving forward, thinking ahead. With STAY UNFINISHED, we seek coalition with art and societies who remain in constant development and perpetual movement towards a possible utopia of open society in ever-expanding modes.

DURING the 48 hours STAY UNFINISHED, we stage 5 TALK sessions - UNFINISHED BUSINESS, UNFINISHED ACCESS, UNFINISHED LAB, UNFINISHED NETWORK, UNFINISHED BODY. The RE:TALK patching records the discussion happening live during each TALK SESSION and makes intervention and extended playback in between each session to end with a joint patching PLAYBACK THE FUTURE at 5:30 -6:28 (58 minute) before the sunrise by the Danube in Linz. Modelled after PLENUM (, the all out all expandable plenary session that took place at NodeLondon in 2006, RE:TALK patching re-visits and un-finishes the 2006 "Totally Expanded Software Exercise Bike Supreme Work Out."

Led by Martin Howse, RE:TALK patching seeks to create a newly forked and patched PLENUM re-versioning, re-patching conversations and plenary discussions with touch, electricity, transmission, chemistry, words, taste and inhalation.

Please respond by august 23 with a short statement of intent and technical/other requirements 
to Martin Howse<>

STWST is unable to cover travel cost, but accommodation, food and a 100 euro artist fee for selected participating artists are provided.

Open call by STWST and Martin Howse (plus previous editions of stwst48-1,2,3)

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