Test Execution Host [publication]


Let the waters above the heavens fall and the earth will yield its fruit

Test Execution Host (T.E.H) fissures and exposes the codes and cracks of a demonic simulation which has been revealed in part through the early texts of Gnosticism and their legacy within Egyptian and medieval European alchemy and inside the histories of chemistry and technology.

It is only a simulation in the sense that there is an outside. It is contained.

Test Execution Host (T.E.H) is one part of an ongoing body of work and research (Dissolutions) commenced in Quebec in 2016 and examining the connections between geo-bio-logical extraction and the execution and subsequent dis-memberment of software and of all material and psychic bodies.

[With thanks to OBORO, Perte de Signal, Goethe-Institut Montréal, Peter Flemming, Kathrin Guenter, and L'Ecart Lieu D'Art Actuel.]

48 pages with images. T.E.H is only available here and in a very few bookshops.

Pricing: 21 euros (with free worldwide shipping with tracking number) - 120 in stock

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