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Bespoke open hardware audio noise, electromagnetic investigation device (detektor) and books. All sales help to fund micro_research activities.

All modules are supplied ready constructed (pre-built), fully tested and with a one year's return to base guarantee.

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The Dark Interpreter


From the diviner of The Black Death, The Dark Interpreter (Towers Open Fire edition) is the ultimate plague-driven, finger sensitive, stand-alone noise processor, granular synthesiser and sound generator, merging digital and analogue processing.

The Dark Interpreter is modelled as a set of leaky, overlapping medieval village spaces within which various plague simulations run, and through which a motley of villagers (grains) wander, steered by electric fingers and touch.

Following the work of Thomas de Quincey, The Dark Interpreter re-casts the contemporary noise instrument as a "dark symbolic mirror", placing control of parameters on the skin, and strapping a psyche/plague village interface to the head. This is modern live coding with no screen, no keyboard and little conscious control.

The Dark Interpreter thus seeks to return all contagious execution to the skin, rewriting the history of technology as a plague which has always attempted to shift that site into the earth itself.

The Dark Interpreter operates as contagious sample or village granulator, distortion, and unique sound generator based on a speedy ARM processor allowing for 16 bit sampling at 32/48KHz, and with a sample memory of around one second (extended by undersampling).

The Dark Interpreter is delivered in three versions, all fully assembled and tested, and features high quality ALPS potentiometers, optional BOSS style 9v power socket (+9v/positive on the outside, negative centre, minimum 300mA) or battery clip, and full size (6.5mm) JACK input and output sockets. Please note that versions cannot be extended, they are not cross-compatible.

The three versions are:

1-The eldest of the three is named Mater Lachrymarum, Our Lady of Tears.


The simplest Dark Interpreter consisting of one digital base board for solely digital processing and generation. Order with 9v socket (default) or battery clip on the back (please specify). Some skin control and entry. Mater Lachrymarum is recommended for complex granular sampling and is particularly suited for vocal re-processing.

Permanently sold out.

2-The second Sister is called Mater Suspiriorum, Our Lady of Sighs.

The second Dark Interpreter consists of one digital/analogue base board (same as the above but fully populated board) with digital processing and generation extended by symmetrical custom filters, distortion, and switchable feedback paths. Order with 9v socket (default) or battery clip on the back (please specify). Some skin control and code entry. Mater Suspiriorum is recommended for harsh noise with relinquished control.

Permanently sold out.

3-But the third Sister [...] her name is Mater Tenebrarum,—Our Lady of Darkness.


This two-tiered Interpreter (_The Black Stack_) extends the Mater Suspiriorum with an algorithmically-designed, gold-plated skin breakout board and skin/EEG amplifier (strap it to the head, stick it in the earth, pull it across the skin, into the body). All signal paths and settings are accessible to the skin for complex hand re-routing, and feedback. Of course the device can be used without any wished skin transfer. Tenebrarum ships with 9v socket (not recommended for safety reasons) and battery clip on the back. Mater Tenebrarum presents the ultimate in harsh noise/granular processing with divined control.

Permanently sold out.


For more details please see: The Dark Interpreter

electromagnetic investigations



Developed as part of the detektors project with Shintaro Miyazaki, the detektor is now available for purchase as a pre-built and fully tested module for full spectrum exploration of the electromagnetic domain.

The detektor renders audible both low frequency emissions (using on-board coil and amplifier) and higher, broadband signals (for example, mobile phone signals, wireless networks, bluetooth) from around 100 MHz to 3 GHz using a logarithmic detection chip and on-board antenna. Either signal can be monitored from the headphone socket, with one switch selecting low or high frequency domain; both signals can be recorded as a stereo pair from the other socket. With twin potentiometers, adjustments can be made for high frequency signal attenuation and headphone volume. The detektor is powered by three AAA batteries.

Price: 82 euros with free shipping worldwide. Sold out.

For more details please see: http://1010.co.uk/org/detektor.html


Test Execution Host [publication] 2017


Let the waters above the heavens fall and the earth will yield its fruit

Test Execution Host (T.E.H) fissures and exposes the codes and cracks of a demonic simulation which has been revealed in part through the early texts of Gnosticism and their legacy within Egyptian and medieval European alchemy and the histories of chemistry and technology.

It is only a simulation in the sense that there is an outside. It is contained.

Test Execution Host (T.E.H) is one part of an ongoing body of work and research (Dissolutions) commenced in Quebec in 2016 and examining the connections between geo-bio-logical extraction and the execution and subsequent dis-memberment of software and of all material and psychic bodies.

[With thanks to OBORO, Perte de Signal, Goethe-Institut Montréal, Peter Flemming, Kathrin Guenter, and L'Ecart Lieu D'Art Actuel.]

[48 pages with images]

Pricing: 21 euros (with free worldwide shipping) - 100 in stock

xxxxx_peenemünde publication Sold out


xxxxx_peenemünde presents documentation, archive material and original research resulting from the first series of working groups in Peenemünde conducted in early 2008. This speculative event, described in the work, was projected as an intense, conspiratorial expedition and meeting within a key, historical location. xxxxx_peenemünde actively examines a fiction which presents a dark heart of technology (as evidenced by electromagnetic practice), and a vivid relation to both entropy and ecology.

[the] xxxxx [reader]


[the] xxxxx [reader] is a comprehensive anthology of world and life re-coding strategies, collecting background text, Lisp and Perl program listings, and screenshots. See: reader.html

SOLD OUT - but available from other sellers such as amazon.

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