real code at piksel 2008

real code @ StudioUSF, Bergen saturday december 6th 12 - 24


real code [xxxxxatpiksel2008] aims to begin construction in Bergen of a new world operating system making use of material, language and descriptive means (aka. software). code relates both to a necessarily hidden communication system (world revelation, rationalism as an island) and to a novel way of examining the world. reflection is encouraged in both directions. sample activities, such as measurement of intensities, cutups, practical endophysics, real world disaster analysis and biologic intervention are proposed below for an event which builds and defines itself to some degree in isolation. Bergen thus becomes an island of magic composed of smaller islands (a fish farm, for example).

invited international participants include Otto E. Rossler, pioneer of chaos theory research and endophysics, Jessica Rylan, renowned sound artist and analogue electronics constructor, and Julian Oliver, augmented reality coder, amongst many others [see below].

coded slogans:

1] un coup de dés… a roll of the dice will never abolish chance, but such minimal techniques can be used within a form of light playback head constructivism (after W.S Burroughs). several dice throws allow for re-editing of last year's documentary (a new xxxxx).//every revolution is a throw of the dice

2] no input/no output.

3] the electric postman will leap from island to island in the southern ocean and extricate their minds from their erratic labyrinths

4] zu <—> auf

code invisibility:

the latest xxxxxatpiksel marks a return to code precisely when code can be considered as the least visible object of study; it does occur to ask the question of how this may have happened.

island formation:

island implies isolation and magic, a programmatic listing of TEMPEST islands. isolation, a water barrier or border surrounding the land; a white sea head separates the many clotted islands. for there can hardly be just one island, some singular island existing in a vacuum, with absolutely no manner of communication, in a sense also of adjacency with a continuum of spumy water and further islands.


between live coder and pragmatised user, physical carrier and protocol (itself forming the communication channel) - invisible code on an equally coded physical strata. Literature is thus a peculiar geologic activity.

sample activities:

life coding, enclosure or island formation, [re-]construction of systems of communication and of novel protocols, fish farming, measurement (of electromagnetic and other intensities), writing [literature], making diagrams, psychogeographic unmapping, chemical and biologic experimentation, cooking, film documentary

invited participants and what they may or may not be doing on that day:

Oswald Berthold: software radio, measurement and mapping of EM intensities, piping, new protocols

Nik Gaffney: cooking lab, microwave studies, new protocols

Graham Harwood: historical channel and cable reconstitution

Martin Howse: EM scrying, white noise, film editing, un coup de dés, cutups

Eleni Ikoniadou: phantom coding, examination of ghosted computation, island hopping and connection

Jonathan Kemp: bicycle wheel EM field generation, iron ore Edison studies, fireworks

Maja Kuzmanovic: cooking lab, microwave studies

Julian Oliver: steganography, Python code expansion, silentTV, data forensics

Alejandra Perez Nunez: transmission, TV broadcast, RAW interviews

Jessica Rylan: simulations theory, lightwave communication, singing

Otto Rossler: practical endophysics, discussion of mute sperm whale communication, impending technocratic disaster analysis

Grzesiek Sedek: phantom coding, examination of ghosted computation, island hopping and connection

Danja Vasiliev: literal pipes, shared communications systems, terminal VJ

Eva Verhoeven: phantom coding, examination of ghosted computation, island hopping and connection


//real code is open to the construction and participation of all present at piksel08 code dreams.


Abstract code: http://xname.cc/abstractcode

See also: http://www.1010.co.uk/xxxxx_at_piksel2007_dossier.html

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Date: 2009-12-31 15:50:01 GMT

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