The Final Session []


… lying with a last session in our muscle and marrow, in dancers and pipes, in the brain itself, outgassing to the very crows.

The Final Session describes a set of actions and invocations for contemporary augury or divination, for night visions and for dream incubation.

Inspired by vapours, by fumes and smoke from industrial chimneys and rotting snakes, burning forests, pure piercing notes and colours, The Final Session decodes earth and air signals through un-refined electrochemistry and manipulation of earth-bound electrons, air and light.

That which is to be divined in the unfaithful language of replayed temperature change, earthy smoke, dust, glass machines, plant stones, and ear stones are the various past and future depositions, intrusions, compressions, degradations, and gradings of lithic entropy, these everyday deformations of contemporary energy.

The Final Session is a performance for custom electronics, earth, worms, burning matter, temperature sensors, violet laser and minerals.



Performances 2019

  • reiheM 22.02 Stadtgarten, Koln
  • 13.04 Solu, Helsinki

Technical rider

  • 1x 12, 14 or 16 channel analogue audio mixer (with gains on at least 8 channels - Mackie 1402 or Soundcraft EPM-12)
  • 2x mono jack leads from mixer to PA/main mixer
  • 6x power sockets/extension cable
  • access to earth, 2 large stone slabs
  • switching off and/or disabling of any smoke alarms

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