CLF - Crystal Laser Feedback



CLF (Crystal Laser Feedback) explores all forms of electrochemical, electromagnetic feedback within complex processes of (laser) light and crystal formation. Feedback is rendered audible and visible.

CLF (Crystal Laser Feedback) intervenes within and makes concrete minute processes of electro-chemistry induced industrial crystal formation.

This first CLF iteration attempts to sonify, using fluctuations in laser light measured and rendered audible, the growth of metallic crystalls, and in turn feed back this information into the process of crystallisation itself; a dense feedback loop is made audible and (barely) visible.

In this first instance a slowly revolving cylindrical perspex container, pierced by copper electrodes is filled with a supersaturated ADP (Ammonium Diphosphate) salt solution. A seed crystal is placed within the container which will grow, over the course of the exhibition, in response to electrical signals/potentials transferred back into the solution. These signals are generated within a feedback loop created by the sonification of the growth itself. A blue laser light passes through the crystal and solution, picked up by a small solar panel and amplified by a monitor speaker. The same signal is passed to influence the growth of the crystal itself.

Further elaborations of CLF will attempt to integrate crystal formation feedbacking within the very process of laser light amplification and crystal pickup (cadmium sulphide).





[Installation views. Hypothèse de l’impact géant Carreau, France 04.10.14+]

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Photos: David Plion - Commissariat Le sans titre

And with many thanks to all at Le Sans Titre!

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