Table of Contents

1 No signal: - xxxxx and the Peenemünde project

what is a signal? code detector/detective forensics/evidence

2 1] PM background

2.1 Gravity's Rainbow

the arc/full circle of the rocket (circular narrative - a start and end with a rocket fall across years)

film narrative[flash forward/analepsis]/voices/comedy - songs, slang, strategic language, scientific, military, embedded equations, circuit diagrams

2.2 concentrated techno-historical site

proposing transparent narratives

written on the surface

3 2] description of the PM project

six working groups across three days described as:

Peenemünde [xxxxx] is a treacherous satellite event, taking place both within a key, techno-historical location in Northern Germany and equally exposed during a salon event in Berlin. Peenemünde [xxxxx] will present research findings from a series of working groups which actively examine that fiction which presents a dark heart of technology (as evidenced by electromagnetic practice) with a vivid relation to entropy and to ecology.

We are concerned with both constructivism and construction (of plans, of apparatus, of interface, of software, of ideas and a view of the world) within a specific site of fiction and revelation (Peenemünde); a questioning of the detail of revelation and substance within a paranoiac frame (conspire and crash).

4 3] the working groups

expresses some of the concerns of xxxxx

a constructivist play with the existent revealed by a mapping of various descriptive means over the "world/view"

4.1 a) Data forensics

Divining and providing ideas for a future (data) archeology. Key concepts include physical data sedimentation, decoding and paranoia, cryptography. techniques for the examination of promiscuous data leakage, and making sense of/within a landscape

steganography(tattoo) and photo reconnaisance

erased landscape - mapping this no-signal landscape onto contemporary data forensics/visualisation issues/divination

the notion of evidence// software

4.2 b) The filmed image, history and pornography

Film, software, temporal bandwidth and time axis manipulation.

Pornography (equally as paranoiac detail) and film as executable (proposed action), and provoking world view, is divined within a particular motif in Gravity's Rainbow: Ghost children/cannon fodder conceived, doubled and unidentified within the Alpdruckën (filmed) rape sequence (cf. GR. p 398)

4.3 c) W.A.S.T.E

as hidden/carrier for hiding and as contemporary networked action

Fiction as conspiracy theory par excellence. Language and betrayal/treason to the codes.

Again taking inspiration from Pynchon's first novel for its title, W.A.S.T.E will examine the acronym-laden domain of so-called Darknets, hidden means of modern electronic communication, in relation to technology and fiction.

W.A.S.T.E as “a hoax that counterfeits such a conspiracy”

4.4 d) Endophysics in practice

Endophysics proposes a notion of physics from the inside, thus implying an exterior to the project of rationalism and, in some relation, technology. This workshop examines the potential for practical, scientific and artistic experiments within this realm.

4.5 e) The black box

Working group towards the design of an interior CPU (interiority itself) to be mapped over the world (as exposure), as literary, false data sheet, as Jabberwocky API and as elegant diagram (early constructivist). Peenemünde map/aerial photography/investigations.

Life coding is described as a mapping of the descriptive means of hardware and programming onto the world, a concern with an interiority of the project of rationalism (the CPU) which can be expanded with reference to data sheets, instruction sets (for example) and an operating system in its widest (divine) sense. (code brut and Gnosticism). A relation to free software and open hardware is also imagined.

4.6 f) EM practice

Maxwell City and the haunted computer. A landscape and the exposure of its hidden (EM - electromagnetic) double. Ghost radio (EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) and data radio - a message is transmitted - again the link to decoding. EM and mind control, history of EM science and links to spiritualism. Pink light (EM) as information carrier.

5 4] nosignal //transmission and intentionality.

hiding and technology (Heidegger), revelation, uncovering, reconnaissance, detection, decoding, encryption, control

ENIGMA / does a signal imply intentionality?

overlap/mapping with a landscape of traces

digital forensics and the nosignal landscape

again an exchange of software and constructed real/void:

5.1 interval

What if there is no Vacuum? Or if there is—what if They're using it on you? What if They find it convenient to preach an island of life surrounded by a void? Not just the Earth in space, but your own individual life in time? What if it's in Their interest to have you believing that?

“He won't bother us for a while,” They tell each other. “I just put him on the Dark Dream.” They drink together, shoot very very synthetic drugs into skin or blood, run incredible electronic waveforms into Their skulls, directly into the brainstem, and backhand each other, playfully, with openmouth laugh—-you know, don't you is in those ageless eyes . . . They speak of taking So-and-So and “putting him on the Dream.” They use the phrase for each other too, in sterile tenderness, when bad news is passed, at the annual Roasts, when the endless mind-gaming catches a colleague unprepared—”Boy, did we put him on the Dream.” You know, don't you?

[Gravity's Rainbow. Thomas Pynchon 1973 p697]

6 5] EM research findings -

EM research as an investigation of substance//no signal

6.1 recordings