Diagrams from Rechnender Raum (Calculating Space), Konrad Zuse 1970

(refer to research for notes)

["Figure 30 shows the block diagram for a calculating space... The squares v and p represent registers to which numbers can be added. The shifting parts of the system, which serve to carry out subtraction, are represented by the circles marked with a triangle. The verticle line at the exit of the triangle member means negation... The symbols in current use reduce the shifting to its single elements, which correspond to the basic operations of Boolean algebra (conjunction, disjunction and negation)... the pulse beats are represented in Figure 30 by I and II."]


Diagrams from Design of LISP Based Processors..., Guy Steele, Gerals Sussman 1970

(see lispcpu also note LISP list structure first, following are VLSI circuit diagrams and machine-level list structure of code):