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Coffee update: (2007.06.16:1)

1] Replaced faulty ULN2004 on main/old coffee control board.

2] Remember to do chmod u+s for test.cgi after compilation

3] Using ULN2003 (instead of 4016) with parallel port -

Coffee howto/interface replacement: (2007.06.07:1)

Constructing a web-based software and 4066 CMOS switch hardware (connection by way of parallel port) interface for a Cimbali expresso machine.

1) Deconstruction of coffee machine and construction of hardware interface.

2) Testing and short-circuit of coffee machine - transformer to be replaced.

Note also:

"The analogue signal must be kept within the limits set by the power supply to the 4016."

so with a 5v supply we cannot switch 12v (coffee)