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New AVR-HID sensor (6x 10 bit resolution) - tiny surface mount version: (2008.05.21:1)


The two jumpers P8 [left- 6 pin] and P7 [right - 8 pin] present digital inputs [4x] and power/10 bit sensor inputs [GND on pin 8, +5v on 7 and remaining as sensor ins] respectively.

The P10 jumper is used only when the device is flashed as a programmer or to program the device itself: connect pins 1 and 2 to program the device, connect 3 and 4 to program low frequency devices.

P9 presents a 10 pin standard in-system programmer [ISP] header as follows:

  1. MOSI, 2. V+, 3. x, 4. GND, 5. RESET, 6. GND, 7. SCK, 8. GND, 9. MISO, 10. GND

Kicad/Gerber files and schematics: http://1010.co.uk/avrhid_smd.tar.gz

see also: avrhid and avrprog