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ap0201 desert devices installed april 2004 near hinckley, ca, usa 20:18 (2005.11.04:8)

first prize VIDA 8.0

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final c code for ccs compiler

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v2_lab technical notes 2002


physical self-display devices are devices which communicate ever changing operational codes based on external environmental data. these self-powering tiny devices are scattered throughout any environment and do not transmit or relay in any manner useful sensory data to any observer. they can only be experienced within the (often remote) situation in which they are placed. the self-reliant operational characteristics of these devices engender open-ness and expansion in any situation.

the devices are solar powered and have been designed to operate for a minimum of three years within harsh environments. over this time period the devices modify their own instruction code, the program they are running, in response to environmental changes. fragments of code are audibly communicated between devices which can incorporate and make use of this new code (now replaced with RF). each device displays on LCD a segment of its operational code. through self display and communication these devices are integrated into the environment. ap0201 devices installed in mojave, california in april 2004

an important aspect of the ap0201 project is the design of a highly modular, usable solar powered, small platform for further artistic work making use of slow-time-based computations in remote and difficult environments.

ap0201 was co-developed with v2_lab, rotterdam [stock-hardware, anne-co-ordination] and is currently funded for deployment by the arts council of england and kindly supported by clui

early prototypes:

images showing 3 modules (main computational, charging and power management, I/0)::