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Alice - book template (2007.06.29:3)

data sheet template - this other text

code and code commentary - code produced (quotation again - the quine)

coding some kind of Emacs production system and screen-data division but not just as copy and paste between buffers - some other form of buffer interaction

published - the code itself for production (again language invention - the scrying board interpreter as a part here with its memory cells containing quotation)

code as/in production. opening

not an explanation

against (networked) information/transparency proliferation

--book --- further embedded texts could include calculating space, lispcpu MIT text and Dee's Monad text

chapters or sections which overmap each other as transparencies

calculating space

making space

radical constructivism = code/software

Heraclitus - this other way (than) in language. language mapped onto itself (seen as code and/or commentary) logos

this is the overlay - (OS segregation and flattening exposed to this overlay - an Emacs mode - also evaporation mode)

overlay - at one extreme the overlaid empty space or blank page of Stephane Mallarme