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Org-mode: (org-mode#2)

Investigate properties and column view:


Annotation [Gravity's Rainbow] (annotation_software#17)

To re-work code base with following ideas/questions:

1] Difference between phrase commentary and category/idea annotation

2] Problem with category headings thus for each page.

3] Locations and mapping out eg. Peenemuende map, Usedom coast, Slothrop's route, Berlin route, time route

4] How to handle embedded page numbers

5] Cleaning up electronic GR copy so that we can crosslink in the text itself (and code for this also)

6] How to enter and retrieve categories [as properties] (now using latest org-mode 5.13h):

Problems with adding a single value to a property [we can make property/value pair with C-c C-c s or C-c C-x p but we can't add values]

C-c / p - to retrieve as sparse tree doesn't seem to work so well as we have all headlines at top level - is fine is we have all pages as second level headings

Perhaps working better by adding tags to the page/headline [still with sparse tree problem solved by extra heading level]

7] How thus to work across page/category divide?

Latest scrying boards: (scrying_tech_notes#34)

From top right [clockwise]: CPU sans memory for test only, AD8313 100Mhz-.2.4GHz broadband receiver, battery, wireless spectrum analysis, USB