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To summarise org-mode features and access (2007.10.17:4 emacs#48 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#19)

for event software:


1] tags/categories/properties/all cycling:

below at:


Visibility cycling:

C-c C-a - show all

Shift-TAB - rotate

cycle links:

C-c C-x C-n

2] remember shell and elisp links as:

shell:ls blah A shell command

elisp:(find-file-other-frame "Elisp.org") An elisp form to evaluate

3] linkd

4] to publish notes - replace planner... more integration

xx] RSS with org-publish


setup publishing system

integrate with remember

css and layout.

how new items are inserted from remember (under certain headings on certain pages)

xxx] http://orgmode.org/org.html#Complex-example

media link added for org-mode (2007.10.17:3 emacs#47 xxxxx_at_piksel2007_technotes#18)


To be used in gneve buffer at timecode point to store media/timecode link with C-c l

later recalled in org-mode buffer with C-c C-l

Jack/ecasound/GNU Emacs: (emacs#46)


rough and ready: cutup.el (emacs#45)

Traditional W.S Burrough's cutup technique for GNU Emacs: