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Fonts and font colouring for Emacs - to extend org-mode and also for (emacs#37)

event software

1] M-x list-faces-display to show fonts

2] (put-text-property (point-min) (point) 'face 'goby-face:0:3:0) // for example

for a chosen font and:

(set-face-attribute face nil :foreground color))

for colour.

Inlined Emacs images using iimage.el: (2007.09.11:3 emacs#36 annotation_software#15)


C-l to re-display them

As minor mode with org-mode we use ‹foo.png› syntax for images which can be embedded under headings and so on.

Pipe code for GNU Emacs (and other tips): (emacs#35)


[Note: after running Emacs as server using (server-start) ]

First annotation.el cleaned up release for Gravity's Rainbow annotations: (2007.09.11:1 annotation_software#14 software#8)


1] Interactive commands (no bindings as yet):

palm-ann: enter all annotations in proper format from Memo pad:GR category on the Palm Pilot (uses altered:


annotate_region/annotate_buffer: annotate formatted regions/buffers

annotate_template: write formatted template for annotation entry

inter_annotate: prompt for annotation additions for a text region

annotate_wiki/annotate_hyperarts: input annotations from resepctive wikis (in a cleaned up wiki buffer)

2] Features:

3] Format:

P: page number [note capitals]

b: beginning words

e: ending words

c: categories

t: text block of annotation

4] TODO:

5] Links:

Org-mode documentation: http://orgmode.org/org.html

Emacs-Pilot synchronization suite: http://turing.ubishops.ca/home/bruda/emacs-pilot/