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Circles and (clock) cycles.

Firstly, (gated) rings of privilege, rings of protection (from what?) within the contemporary CPU.

Secondly, Dante's Inferno. Tabulated into code by de Sade and later Pier Paulo Pasolini (Salo) - circle of manias, circle of shit, circle of blood. The circular mechanism of the Edison's Black Maria primal film studio.

Lastly Oberst Endian's rocket mandala: KEZVH. Klar, Entluftung, Zundstufe, Vorstufe, Hauptstufe (main stage) encoded in the sky over Alexanderplatz (Gravity's Rainbow). A circular design itself as the work arrives back in its own staging - the rocket crashing into the reader's interior cinema, a screening of contemporary film which is GR itself - the mirror production side of the Black Maria interior we are yet arrive at. Fast forward.

To add:

1] The Zone in GR - mapped over Berlin

2] The Cell Broadband Engine processor security architecture: so-called "Hardware Root of Secrecy"

3] "The universe, the domain of the Archons, is like a vast prison whose innermost dungeon is the earth, the scene of man's life. Around and above it the cosmic spheres are ranged like concentric enclosing cells."

[Hans Jonas. The Gnostic Religion. p43 (abstract of main Gnostic tenets//Cosmology]]