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OS nature. (workshop_notes#2)

Transparency of process. coding at the commandline

0) pure:dyne (customised to include data radio, osctrans/dump and devdisplay)

see: https://devel.goto10.org/puredyne

and for our own module/iso: http://1010.co.uk/tech_notes2.html#4

Basic use (nesting?) and testing. Hardware recognitioan

Opening the terminal (xterm):

The classic: cat /dev/hda1 > /dev/dsp

and cat /dev/dsp

and use of devdisplay. cat whateverdevdisplay

1) UNIX and commandline use - using the terminal - finding one's way around:

the shell: BASH, zsh

kernel and user-space (OS and hardware)

files and processes - exposure

documentation: man, --usage

filesystem (ls, ls -R, cd)

init and processes - ps, pstree, proc filesystem, file handlers

devices as files - read and write (ls -laR /dev) eg. /dev/dsp /dev/urandom



2) Pipes and redirection. devices. /dev/dsp. /dev/urandom - piping to and from



cat /dev/dsp > recorder

cat recorder > /dev/dsp

more advanced:

tee: cat /dev/dsptee /dev/dsp > /dev/tty

listenpipe: http://www.vanheusden.com/listenpipe/

3) basic commands - tac:

tac - concatenate and print files in reverse

dd - dd if=source of=dest

at - echo "mail -s 'go directly to jail' m@1010.com < /dev/null"at 15:25 (not in pure:dyne mail/at)


yes - rhythmic

split and csplit




3.5) ap0202 and pipes

cells --usage

cell -m10000 -f / -o /dev/dsp -c piper

(also how to use to output to terminal:

cells -m1000 -i /dev/urandom -o /dev/tty


xterm -e sh -c "/usr/bin/cells -m 10000 -f -o /dev/tty -s > /dev/null" )

4) xxxxx commandline tools: jekyll, i_am, devdisplay, osctrans, oscdump

jekyll: cat whateverjekyll step samplesize > /dev/dsp
i_am: cat whateveri_am no_of_neurons inputs outputs > /dev/dsp

OSC, osctrans and oscdump: the entry into networking

osctrans: pipe to OSC (hardwired to /test namespace):: example usage

cat whateverosctrans 9999 (addr, port) and will send piped data as 8 bit values.

oscdump: pipes from OSC (no namespace):: example usage

oscdump 5252 > ~/pdfifo

5) promiscuOS introduction: a leaking OS

6) networking - (wireless - iwconfig, ifconfig, ports, UDP/TCP, netcat (nc) examples:


chat (TCP):

nc -l -p 3333

nc 3333

pipe over network:

nc -l -p 3333 > /dev/dsp

cat /dev/dsp > nc 3333

or - for remote execution:

nc -l -p 3333 > zsh

7) interface to PD - piperead~/write externals. netcat, OSC

mkfifo first


open /blah/blah <1< and <0< for start and stop

piperead~ num_of channels

see documentation patch: pipeio~.pd (though currently crashed pure:dyne pd)

Netsend and netreceive objects (pdsend executable also):

This input can be any stream of Pd messages separated by semicolons.

use: nc 9999

OSC examples:

and partner sendOSC with connect IP PORT and send messages - see plenum examples

8) networked play

Further possibilities: shell scripting, Chicken Scheme, C code - forking and ptrace, GNU Emacs