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Containment and doubling in technology (research#137)

as a heading

(or for Emacs Lisp work: a ghost buffer using perhaps clone-buffer function - a doppelganger across another side of...)

prmsnet.el (2007.02.09:1 emacs#26 promiscuOS_notes#16)

Changes to use princ and wrapper to send un-evaluated text

Also last eval was just one sexp...

The dangers of evaluating system commands!

(defun prm-sendregionastext() ;; works as long as we don't have any inverted commas (interactive) (save-excursion (save-restriction (narrow-to-region (region-beginning) (region-end)) (process-send-string "prm_client" (format "(princ \"%s\" (current-buffer))" (buffer-string)))))) (defun prm-serve (proc string) (let ((prm-process proc)) (setq temp_buffer (get-buffer-create "temp_buffer__")) (princ string temp_buffer) (switch-to-buffer the_buffer) (eval-buffer temp_buffer) (set-buffer temp_buffer) (erase-buffer))) ;;rest as before