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SICP code from Chapter 4: Metalinguistic Abstraction (2007.01.05:4 lisp#5 research#128 scheme#2)

Running the meta-circular evaluator on MzScheme requires a few changes to the code:

to figure out:

(define (eval exp env)
  (cond ((self-evaluating? exp) exp)
        ((variable? exp) (lookup-variable-value exp env))
        ((quoted? exp) (text-of-quotation exp))
        ((assignment? exp) (eval-assignment exp env))
        ((definition? exp) (eval-definition exp env))
        ((if? exp) (eval-if exp env))
        ((lambda? exp)
         (make-procedure (lambda-parameters exp)
                         (lambda-body exp)
        ((begin? exp) 
         (eval-sequence (begin-actions exp) env))
        ((cond? exp) (eval (cond->if exp) env))
        ((application? exp)
         (apply (eval (operator exp) env)
                (list-of-values (operands exp) env)))
         (error "Unknown expression type -- EVAL" exp))))


(define (make-procedure parameters body env)
  (list 'procedure parameters body env))

list expression arrives by default at apply which separates into operator and operands by way of car and cdr - this is sent again to eval with the environment - primitive is looked up as variable and we have as procedure:

(primitive #)

which tests correctly by way of tagged-list? as a primitive:

<(define (tagged-list? exp tag)
  (if (pair? exp)
      (eq? (car exp) tag)

which is then applied using underlying Scheme apply

Scheme Machine: (2007.01.05:3 research#127 lispcpu#6)


ActorNet (research#126)

ActorNet is a mobile agent platform for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). It provides a scheme-like simple syntax, coordination services, and many useful library of modules so that applications for WSNs can be easily developed.


The given instruction (research#125)

[in some ways concerns uniting xxxxx projects such as promiscuOS (evident process manipulation and memory leaks)

and recent atmegascheme or lispcpu work - that in some ways it is not a Lisp CPU (whatever that would be) but rather only an abstraction of a flat memory model, a simulation as is all hardware

and Sadean life_coding at the same time.

the data sheet (the hardware), a series of microcodes (Design of Lisp Based processors), assemblers (SICP p520 for example), interpreters (SICP, elsewhere), compilers (p566) sketched out.

the elaboration of John Dee's Monas as code basis through theorems


at the same time a question of mechanism relates to Sadean life coding. model/description of a process again.

(after SICP computer science as involved solely in the discipline of constructing appropriate descriptive languages)


quotation in the interior.

and a process.