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promiscuOS project update and notes: 06:00 (promiscuOS_notes#1)

a) Networked and environmentally active self display. Generation of code and data rather than response to input.

b) All process memory is readable and writable by any process or user. There is no hierarchy, no model of secure computing. Self display code will exploit this feature.

c) The ability to generate, disperse and run mobile code between machines.




would we run all of these across a range of ports?

d) Supreme pluggability - small apps can plug themselves together within a Unix model or a la Pd (but not in such graphic manner).

e) In relation to pluggability leaky streams rather than static segregated files - advance Unix model with new command line operations (spray, leak with level options specified).

see recent research:


Listenpipe can be used to sit between 2 applications that are interfaced with pipes. It will pass through data as is but also store what is send/received in a logfile as well.

for leaking pipe code